• Reduce the ever increasing tax burden on the middle class
  • Empower local communities with more control from energy siting decisions to education

Claude Bouchard

House of Representatives // 2016

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I am running as a Republican, because my
beliefs more closely align with the
philosophy of the Republican Party and not
necessarily with our party’s leadership.

I do not believe in big government. It is
evident that big government is, more often
than not, less efficient and more wasteful
with our tax dollars.

The less government interacts in our lives,
the better off we will all be. The bigger the
government the more expensive daily life
becomes and we find ourselves sacrificing
a decent quality of life.

I believe in small government because
Vermonters, and especially those who live
here in St. Albans, have enough common
sense to run their own lives.

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And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country.

- John F Kennedy

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Candidate Statement 2016

Our government is no longer

working for the people, but is

instead working against them.

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Amanda Walker, Vermont

Meet Claude Bouchard a Vermont father and small business owner. I've known Claude for many years and I believe in him and support him in his run for a seat in the VT House of Representatives. Please have a listen, and consider A vote for him.

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